Become a Partner


With a broad network of local and church partners and deep roots in the communities where we work, we are uniquely positioned to assist with community capacity building. We strengthen local organizations, support grassroots advocacy, and provide strategic guidance that leads to sustainable change.
Our Partnership and Capacity Strengthening tools and programs are a natural outgrowth of longstanding Whitestone Foundation principles:

We believe people should lead their own development. Our community capacity building efforts invest in local people and strengthens local institutions and networks. We have an active network of church and local partners around the world united by our mission to help the poor and vulnerable.

We are committed to sustainable solutions with long-term impact. We increase the impact of joint programming and improve lives in lasting ways by helping individuals, communities and institutions reach their full potential.

We work to promote social justice, peace and human dignity. We seek to foster inclusion, accountability, and fair governance through strong civil society networks.